About Us

Linku2 is designed to link and support local communities.

Who is Linku2?

With comprehensive local websites supporting regions across New Zealand and with Keyword focus sites running parallel and in symmetry together to provide information on areas and topics to support local businesses, particularly small business, to help support our community services and at the same time reach their customers through our media channels at cost effective pricing.

It is essential all marketing channels for a business work together in a perfect synergy to have the greatest effect and Linku2 use our channels to support businesses in online and offline marketing strategies.

Linku2 support local community and non-profit services, local events and support services with FREE advertising which we are able to provide due to the generous support of our paying advertisers. Thanks everyone for helping support your local community and helping us all to Go Local, Grow Local ...

*Local Business Note: This listing places businesses on our local database, however you may opt out at any time by just emailing us or clicking unsubscribe, but this does remove your free listings as we need a contact to maintain an updated site for our users.

You can list your business, club or group FREE with Linku2 or add your links from as little as $15 pm but with so many options out there why should you?

See below why we believe you should be part of our community to reach your local customers ...
Linku2 FIND local business and community
Linku2 is designed to be a portal used by your audience to ensure they FIND ​your services quickly and effectively with the best possible value to you
Linku2 SUPPORT local business and community
Linku2 is designed to support you and work synergistically as part of your marketing plan to ensure the best results are achieved for you
Linku2 PROMOTE local business and community
Linku2 is designed to use the power of our brand, marketing and SEO expertise to help promote you to your targeted customers

Plus ...

-  We have over 16 years experience working in the internet world
-  We are Google Analytics and Google Adwords Certified
-  We use our Google Management and Adwords services and social media platforms to reflect your business "in the moment"
-  We stay up to date with our social media channels to promote our sites and services and currently have (at December 2020) -
-  Over 25,000 Likes through our Facebook pages, focused and admin managed Groups
-  LinkedIn - Over 3,280 Connections
-  Pinterest - over 1,430 Followers
-  Twitter - Approx 890 Followers
-  Instagram - Slow on the pick up here!! 2 pages with approx 450 Followers (we're aiming to be better!)

We spend time ensuring we get the right focus for your links with us
Linku2 SMART Marketing

So how much attention do you pay to your market value?

Linku2 SMART marketing explained 1Linku2 SMART marketing explained 4Linku2 SMART marketing explained 2Linku2 SMART marketing explained 3

Join Our Team

Linku2 are always keen for people to be part of our teams. If you would like to register your interest in either working for us in a part time capacity or would like to suggest ways we can work alongside each other please contact us
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