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2022 Updates - Site undergoing an upgrade
Re-launch July 2022

Welcome to Linku2 Retirement ...

Linku2 Retirement is one of our Linku2 Group Keyword Focus sites, designed to provide comprehensive information on New Zealand retirement homes and villages, New Zealand funeral services and New Zealand elderly services by region across all regions of New Zealand. We Linku2 businesses who work diligently in their own niche caring for the elderly or supporting families in times of loss providing us with reliable, safe, quality but affordable opportunities which you can find and access in your small piece of New Zealand.

We link you through our comprehensive retirement database to offer peace of mind for elderly and their families whilst, at the same time, offering support and growth for these wonderful local businesses to reach their wider audience.

If you are looking for a retirement service across New Zealand visit our site at and search by region.

If you are a retirement service who would like to be found through our services you are entitled to a FREE listing otherwise we will have affordable SMART Plan Advertising Options available from re-launch.

If you are interested in finding our more about us please email us at

Thank you for your interest

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