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Site to be constructed for launch 2023

Welcome to Linku2 Tauranga ...

Linku2 Tauranga is one of our Linku2 Group Regional Focus sites, designed to provide comprehensive information on everything across the Tauranga and Mount Maunganui region, Bay of Plenty including local business, schools, clubs, events and local services including libraries, emergency services, bus services and rubbish services.

We also provide a comprehensive Tauranga and The Mount events calendar.

​If you are looking for any service or support for Tauranga and The Mount visit our site at and search our tabs for Business, Clubs, Schools, Events and Local Services.

If you are a Tauranga or Mount Maunganui business who would like to be found through our services you are entitled to a FREE listing otherwise we will have affordable SMART Plan Advertising Options available on launch. If you are a Tauranga or Mount Maunganui club or school you are entitled to a FREE listing as well as a FREE web page to promote yourselves locally as part of our community support programme.

​​If you are interested in finding our more about us please email us at

Thank you for your interest
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