Adding a new FREE business listing

If you come across a business to add on site. This is the process (note if you want to add free listings in bulk complete the "Bulk Business Listings Upload FREE Excel Template" in Google Drive and submit to Support Office (cost $1 per listing - the whole procedure below will be completed for you) -

Then -

Check -

Note: Adding the “Free New” tag triggers a sequence to send an automatic follow up email after 8 days just to check the listing. If the business has responded in the meantime make sure you take the tag off their listing (hence the task below at 6 days to check).

Then go to Businesses | New Business – Title is the business name.
First open the cog (top right) and note your URL slug which will be your business ID number. Free listings just add -


Then back to FluentCRM | Contacts -

Then go to -

This task will appear on the set due date 6 days later.

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