Hibiscus Coast business listing check

If you want to check if a business has a free on-site listing -

  • Go to the Business Directory
  • Scroll to find their main Section | Category (you can also check/recommend other categories if they offer a variety of services)
  • If the business is listed check the details are correct
  • If the business is NOT listed go to the Registration form and complete the form
  • Briefly run through the listing Terms and Conditions (at the bottom of the registration form)
  • Get them to put in their name and tick the acknowledgement box at the bottom of the form if you completed the form on their behalf.
  • Advise the business they will be listed within a week and a confirmation email will be sent through
  • Also remind them they will now be on our database which is essential for us to maintain an updated directory and if they unsubscribe unfortunately we will need to remove their free listings as we will no longer have an up-to-date contact for them.

For quick links to site pages you can use the following QR codes -

To the registration form

To the business directory

To our HBC home page

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