Linku2 School Holidays are currently seeking a Licensee for site management.

The Licensee Role

The Licensee needs to -

  • Have a clear understanding of Linku2, purpose, systems and philosophy
  • Have a clear understanding of their role and commitments
  • Competently manage and monitor all Regional Client Managers and any other contractorsing
  • Competently manage and monitor clients, alongside Regional Client Managers across all active Regions
  • Provide social media and marketing support and sharing any of the 7 days in a week
  • Be prepared, and capable of stepping into any role at short notice if required
  • Provide a quarterly templated report to Linku2 Support Office
  • Manage day to day Xero accounting services, including client invoicing, reconciliation, reporting and GST returns (including IRD filing) – all end of year financials will be undertaken by the Linku2 accountant and charges for this have already been included in the Annual Charge.
  • Manage all other aspects of the business as their own responsibility
  • Be prepared to grow the business

Licensee Benefits

  • Have full overall business “ownership” and management
  • Control the number of fully functional Regions (within a minimum, but very reasonable, KPI)
  • Manage the contracting of Regional Client Managers and any other contractors
  • Have full control over any contractorsing contracting
  • Get the benefit of business profits (after profit share) as well as their fixed income streams
  • Be part of the Profit Share Scheme

Start Up Package

The Licensee gets the following in their Licence Package -

  • Rights to use the Linku2 School Holidays brand across New Zealand for a 12-month term, renewable for an indefinite period on condition of meeting expected KPIs and in agreement between the Licensor and Licensee.
  • Fully operational website, set up for immediate start, including customised -
    • CRM system
    • Business and activity listing system
    • Integrated forms
    • Blog posting function, including already published min 3 x blog posts per Region
    • Analytics linked and easy access and reporting programme
    • Integrated social and review platform programme
    • Slider image advertiser in-built programme
  • Comprehensive copyrighted business database
  • Established and functioning SEO programme
  • Set up email accounts
  • Customised Xero accounting package including draft budget
  • Customised off-line systems including programmes such as Dropbox, Canva, Google Workspace, etc
  • Business insurance
  • Full training programme and operational manuals including -
    • Site management
    • Sales support
    • SEO training and documentation
    • Social media advice and support
  • Established social media pages and profiles including Google My Business listing
  • Tiered Licensor Support programme consisting of -
    • First Year
      • $1,000 towards advertising costs; plus
      • 15 hours support work per holidays (advice, admin, social, etc); plus
      • 1,000 A5 or A6 flyers for promotion (to advertisers and/or users)
    • 2-4 Years
      • $500 towards advertising costs; plus
      • 10 hours support work per holidays (advice, admin, social, etc); plus
      • 500 A5 or A6 flyers for promotion (to advertisers and/or users)
  • Suggestions and documentation for extra opportunities for exposure/promotion
  • Full Support Office assistance
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