People Who Shape Our Community is a free service from Linku2 Regional sites.

These are blog posts which feature different members of the community and the work they do. These posts are good as -

  • Items to share across social media and newsletter databases showing support for the community
  • Keeps the Linku2 name in the community
  • Offers opportunities to touch base with local groups

People Who Shape Our Community Features issue every quarter (4 times pa).


The procedure is as follows -
• When your Google calendar reminder comes up (6 weeks before Feature due to start) send out a call out for candidates.
• Once you select someone to feature, and you may wish to have a number of people on a list you want to just approach directly, send out your standard email with form for them to complete (content below). This will also ask for a couple of photos to feature in the blog post.
• Once received take the word document content and add to a new blog post -
o Title will be: People Who Shape Our Community - First Last Name
o Add in a photo (or two)
• In the fields below complete any required fields (this is only so the post saves as these are not relevant for blog posts) except for Business Type which determines which pages the post shows on site
• Do complete the SEO boxes at the bottom as these are important and relevant for Google SEO and also particularly the social when you are sharing the post
• In the right column under “Post” select -
o Your author (this does show on the post)
o Tick the category “People Who Shape Our Community”
o Check in Business Types the top level “Community” is ticked
o Add Feature image (note this is going to be wide and not tall so you may need to play around with your image sizing depending on the photos provided)
o Under Discussion make sure both “Allow Comments” and “Allow pingbacks and trackbacks” are ticked
o Update
• Go on site and check your blog post appears - it should be the top post in your People posts.
• Go to Contact CRM and report to the person who is featured with the template “People Who Shape Our Community report” - note you’ll need to add the link in to this report to the onsite article.
• Set up 2 x social posts one within 2-3 days and another around 6 weeks later
• Add a link and note in your next newsletter templates
People Who Shape Our Community template questionnaire to send to featured locals (you may also wish to meet them in person to discuss this but it’s not essential) -

Linku2 appreciate the contributions given by many by giving their time and/or expertise in helping shape our community into the great place it is.
We feature one person each quarter in February, May, August and November online through our Community section as well as through our social media channels and we would love to feature you in this if you will allow.
If you are happy to be featured, we would be very grateful if you could please answer the questions below for us to put together our one-page feature. Could you also please provide us with 1-2 photos (inc a head and shoulders if you have one) and at least one if possible, somehow related to why we are featuring you.
Thank you for your time and your contribution in helping “to shape our community”

  1. What is your name and the name of your organisation or project that we should use in this article?
  2. Please give us a sentence or two about yourself and your background?
  3. What is your organisation/project and what motivated you to start it?
  4. What do you find most rewarding about what you do?
  5. What do you find most challenging/frustrating with what you do?
  6. How has your organisation/project developed and what would you like to see in the future?
  7. What would you like us to see promote for you around your organisation/project?
  8. Please give us any further information not provided above which is important to you and your project/organisation …
    Thank you for your time. We will forward a link to the blog article with your feature prior to promotion to the general public for your approval.
    Best wishes and keep up the fabulous work you do for the local community
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