Sales Process - Stage 1

Once you are satisfied with your keyword results the next stage is to create awareness and approach potential prospects.

Formalise Database

First you will need to get contact details for as many of the listed businesses as you are able in the category

Set up a spreadsheet using the Awareness and Sales Tracking Spreadsheet - Initial Contact sheet, save a copy for each category/industry you are targeting and save in file uploads folder. Take the following fields from the exported spreadsheet you will have completed in the keyword research stage -

  • Business Name
  • Phone
  • Address Lines 1 and 2
  • Main Section
  • Main Category

Plus any other information you already have in your system.

Then go to your Contact CRM and check what other data you have in your system, eg if you already have their email they might be getting monthly newsletters already in which case it's a different approach to a newbie.

Awareness Development

Send initial introduction email to each brand new contact

Send re-introduction email to contacts already on our list

Complete all details in above spreadsheet

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