Changing Business Listings Template

If you have a lot of businesses you will first you need to export businesses -

  • Go to All Export
  • Specific Post Type select Businesses
  • Customise your export file
  • If you have a template for all fields use this one or set one up including all fields from right hand options
  • Continue
  • Tick "Include BOM" in export file (this will mean it won't muck up the e in cafe!)
  • Save and Run Export
  • Download CSV
  • Open your CSV
  • SAVE as .csv UTF-8

If you will be inserting a new template into each page you can just change the Oxygen | Templates | Reusable part and then you will need to go to each of your pages you'll be inserting this and add as a reusable part and fill in your fields with your custom fields

To fill in the fields you'll do this in the left column - set data and select the field when your cursor is in the right spot you want to put the data

If you are just updating a template it may be easier to just change it in each page in which case (you can only do this if there isn't a huge amount of data being sucked into this page) -

  • Go to one of the pages that your template is used on
  • Open in Oxygen
  • Go to structure
  • Make your changes and SAVE

If it is a page that perhaps has a lot of eg business listings on you will need to export all your listings first but if it doesn't have a lot on the page you can amend it directly

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