There are four steps to creating a new directory category.

Create the Business Type (category)

Firstly you need to create a new Business Type (category) –

  • Go to Businesses | Business Types
  • Create and make sure you put in its Parent Business Type
  • Also add in a description and complete the SEO boxes
  • Copy your description to use in the next step when creating your page

Create the Category Page

The next step is to create a page where the listings will sit

  • Go to Pages
  • Select a “similar” directory category page from the same section you are creating the new page for (eg if this is a category that will go in the property section then duplicate a property category page)
  • Duplicate (this way you’ll have the template already in the page)
  • Search (on the duplicate page name) for your new draft page
  • Open first in wordpress
  • Change the name and paste in your description
  • Also paste (listing your region keyword, eg Hibiscus Coast) in the meta boxes and social boxes at the bottom of the page
  • Then change the target keywords – use the keywords on their own but also with your region keyword
  • Add in a schema as follows –
    • Article (WebPage)
    • Advertiser Content Article
    • Headline will be your meta title including the region keyword
    • Description will be using all these keywords again and something like –
      • “Business listings for tanks, water filters, water pumps, uv filters, water purifiers and coolers and water services servicing the Hibiscus Coast including Orewa, Whangaparaoa, Silverdale, Millwater and Milldale”
    • The author will be the site name – eg Linku2 Hibiscus Coast
    • Select an image – you should have in your media an image specific to the directory section, eg property
    • Don’t fill any other boxes in
  • Publish | Publish
  • Then go and open and “Edit with Oxygen”
  • Go and open “Structure” (top right)
  • Under section go to each listing type and open Query in left column | Filtering
  • Keep the listing type (eg sponsor) and remove the old category and click in the box “Or in all of the following taxonomies” and start typing your category name so it pops up and add it
  • Do this for all 5 of the listings
  • Then “Apply Query Params” (bottom left)
  • Exit to WP Admin

Add site links to the new category

Then you need to add the links to the new category on the following pages –

  • Your top level section page which has button links to each category
  • Find the page | Open in Oxygen
  • Find where it goes alphabetically
  • In structure duplicate the button above and make the changes to text and link
  • SAVE
  • Then go to the top level business directory page (probably called something like “Business Home Page”)
  • Add a linked listing in the acordian dropdown
  • SAVE

Add businesses into the new category

Lastly see if you can find relevant businesses that should appear in the category –

  • Open each business and tick the new category in the business types list
  • SAVE

Then go and check your new page and links

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