When a client cancels their advertising plan on renewal -


Thank you for getting back to me.

Firstly, it is really good that you do track where your business comes from as so many businesses don't!! I have to say I am a little surprised none of these were successful as you are such a niche service people are looking for that for none of the direct clicks were fruitful for you and nobody came through Google (or at least our Google links) - do remember though most people would have no idea which link they followed when clicking on Google and merely say they found you through Google - that can be frustrating for us but I do it myself when researched by businesses!

Unfortunately, because we have built up such well targeted SEO for Google for your business we will have to remove all links and information for Sure Bathrooms except your free name, address, phone  but I promise we do hold this in our archives in case you ever change your mind, which we'd love! 

Alternatively you can keep your links on site so people can still get to your website by taking one of our lower plans - if you take our Map Link plan you retain all links and this is only $25 pm, otherwise you can also keep your short description which is really good for keyword targeting as well on our Web Link Plan at $45 pm and you can of course switch to a 6 month plan instead of the 12 month plan, so we have lots of options. If you'd like to see what you get on these CLICK HERE

Linku2 Hibiscus Coast would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your past support and remind you to use our site for local events, clubs and of course support other local businesses through our over 2,500 listings. You will remain on our database so will get updates and, if you choose not to take any of the aforementioned options, we'd like to wish you all the very best in your business into the future. 


Updating community/club free page information -


Firstly my apologies for not getting to this earlier. I confirm I have now uploaded your information on site on your free community page under our following section - 

Community | Clubs and Non-Profit Services

You can view the actual page at this link - Hibiscus Coast Quilters

Thank you for using Linku2 Hibiscus Coast. If there is a chance you are able to add a backlink on your website and encourage your members to use our local services we would be very grateful. If you can organise the link please could you add the following - 

For all your Hibiscus Coast needs - local businesses, clubs, events and information visit https://linku2hibiscuscoast.co.nz

Thank you!


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