Facebook Page and Group growth KPIs

We currently have 5 Facebook pages (and a couple of groups but not listed in this procedure, they would have the same principles) we want to grow and be actively sharing across the regions. These are -

  • Linku2 Hibiscus Coast
  • Linku2 North Shore
  • Linku2 Waikato
  • Linku2 Tauranga
  • Linku2 Dunedin
  • Linku2 Wellington

The programme from 28 February 2024 is -

  • Use the sharing schedules in Google Drive and
  • Post 2 x posts per week on each of the above pages, the posts at least 3 days apart - each post should take approx 2-3 mins to complete (total 12 posts pw) - up to 30 mins
  • Over the balance of the week share these two posts between 3-5 times across different local groups
  • Complete the sheets as you post adding in relevant links and details (1-2 mins per share - up to 50 shares = 75-80 mins)
  • Complete the sheets with the share details including the date, initials of who shared it (eg could be the page or personal profile - try to make it the page as much as you can as we want to drive followers to the page - if you share as your profile tag in the page if it is appropriate), if sharing as the page remember to also add your initials in the sheet record so we know who shared

Hibiscus Coast exceptions -

Share paying client posts if appropriate to our Linku2 Hibiscus Coast page and then on-share the post on the Linku2 page, don't share directly from their post on their page as we want to drive people to our page.

Each week totals will be added and payment made accordingly as per the below payment schedule -

  • Each post will be paid at 0.98c per post
  • Each share will be paid at 0.72c per share

Up to a maximum weekly total pay of $55.00.

Time allocation: The above should take in the region of 2 hours to 2 hours 20 mins per week and charge allocations =

  • 0.98c x 12 = $11.76
  • 0.72c x 60 = $43.20

Page growth has a KPI of min 20 new Likes/Followers per week.

For Hibiscus Coast region (and a few shares can be posted in North Shore depending on the client reach) share 75% of the time paying client posts across the region. The sheets will give you a list of paying clients so you know who are the most relevant posts to share.

To share client posts go to the client FB link under the client details sheet and select your post from their page and share. Then note link and info in sheets.

Note: Each fortnight a review will be made of increase in Likes/Followers. If KPI's are not being reached a review of the above processes and KPI's will be undertaken.

Social Media Management

Social media management will be paid at $25 ph for up to 3 hours per week - up to 3 hours or $75 pw.

If management cannot be done in this time period please advise Manager who will monitor for the balance of the week or negotiate extra time allocation.

CLICK HERE to go to the sharing Step by Step Guide

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