To file a GST return -

  • Open Xero
  • Make sure all your transactions are reconciled for the required period
  • Under the "Accounting" tab go to "GST Return"
  • A draft return should be showing for you to file
  • Open this
  • Go to the GST Audit Report tab and just briefly check through the transactions and make sure they all look OK
  • In the GST Return tab at the bottom SAVE | Save Final | Choose the author and SAVE
  • If you are linked with IRD you can go straight to the IRD login
  • Grant access for Xero
  • This will automatically file the return for you
  • Take a snap dump image of the "Successfully filed" notice and save
  • Create a task to check the return was filed in IRD for the next business day

If you want to file the return manually once you have saved the GST return, open it so you have your figures then -

  • Login to the IRD website
  • Go to alerts
  • Open GST return alert
  • Open GST filing
  • Fill in all boxes
  • Tick the declaration
  • Select NO to manually pay
  • Submit
  • Download a printable copy and save it in your accounts folder

Then go to your banking-

  • IRD payments
  • Make the payment
  • You'll need to get your GST No and amount from your open Xero return

You can then Publish your Xero return

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