Metadata Exporting and Importing


To export metadata for businesses, posts or pages use your SEO Press tools. So -

  • Go to SEO | Tools | Data | Export
  • If you already have your posts online export first
  • You'll then need to "transform" your file so
    • Open the file
    • Data | From Text/CSV
    • Select your file from downloads
    • Semicolon deliminator
    • Transform data
  • You'll need to convert if you want to save the file then when you've finished to import you'll have to save as a CSV file (do not remove the ID column as this is the key matching column when importing)
  • Then work on your data - you can put in custom fields for data pulling, eg your meta title may be - %%post_title%% %%sep%% %%target_keyword%% and your meta description may be - %%_cf_area%% school holiday activities, family fun activities and school holiday programmes (just make sure they are fields that are available in the meta options on the site)
  • Note free business listings will probably have no content for the description so you'll need to put in manually, also maybe for keywords, your title is fine as %%post_title%% %%sep%% %%sitetitle%% if there is a category description you can use %%_category_description%%
  • Save as your CSV-UFT8 file


First backup your site!

Prepare your CSV file using Excel, Google Sheets, Numbers…

SEOPress can autodetect/map your columns with posts fields using these column headers:

  • id
  • slug
  • meta_title
  • meta_desc
  • fb_title
  • fb_desc
  • fb_img
  • tw_title
  • tw_desc
  • tw_img
  • noindex
  • nofollow
  • noimageindex
  • noarchive
  • nosnippet
  • canonical_url
  • primary_cat
  • redirect_active
  • redirect_status
  • redirect_type
  • redirect_url
  • target_kw

The column “ID” is mandatory and must matched the post ID / term ID you want to update. It could be a post, page, custom post type or term.

noindex, nofollow, noimageindex, noarchive and nosnippet accept only the value "yes". Otherwise, no update.

Existing metadata will be updated with the new values if they are defined.

Import metadata from CSV file

With SEOPress PRO, you can import all your metadata from a CSV file, including:

  • Title tag
  • Slug
  • Meta description
  • Facebook Open Graph tags (title, description and image thumbnail)
  • Twitter tags (title, description and image thumbnail)
  • Meta Robots (noindex, nofollow, noimageindex, noarchive, nosnippet)
  • Canonical URL
  • Redirection (enable, login status, type, URL)
  • Primary category
  • Target keywords

To do that, go to SEO, Tools, Data section and click Run the Importer. The importer is also accessible from Tools > Import > SEO metadata (CSV).

Upload your CSV file from your computer.

The separator must be ";" or ",".

Click Next Step.

Select fields from your CSV file to map against posts fields, or to ignore during import. Only import the fields you want and use ignore for all others.

Click Run the importer.

Go check your listings!

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