New or Updating Client Page Procedure


Allow up to 1 hour to complete this per client

When setting up a new client or updating a client page for SEO you start with research.

  • Select one main keyword you are going to focus on (you should probably have already suggested this or got input from the client)
  • Open our "New or Update Client page Research Template" and complete this using Ubersuggest Keyword Visualisation.
  • Expand on your keyword with Google Keyword Planner.
  • Fill in the template
  • Open ChatGPT
  • Enter the 8 selected Keywords and get a paragraph written (8 sections approx. 150 words each)
  • Add the produced content into the template
  • Copy the content below the original and humanise


You then want to test your new content.

Upload and Optimise

Once you have your new content to a point where you are satisfied you can upload and optimise

  • Upload your finalised article content to your online business page
  • Add any images
  • Preview in top left of backend business page to check how it looks on tablet and mobile views
  • Go back to Ubersuggest | Labs | AI Writer and find the best meta title and description
  • Add into your template you will use the description in your business short description
  • Then run your title and description through the Google SERP Snippet Optimisation Tool to get the correct optimised word/character length

SEO Testing

Then go to test your page -

  • Go to SEO Review Tools (green tick in chrome extensions)
  • Run a full SEO Scan for the page url
  • Run an SEO Content Score Checker for the page url

Then go to Google Mobile Friendly Test and check your page

Then go to Schema Mark Up Validator and again check your page

Page Indexing

Once you are satisfied go to Google Search Console and select your site in the top left

Go to URL inspection and put in the page url

Request indexing

You may need to wait 24 hours for indexing but the final thing to do is check Page Speed.

There may then be a few things to readjust!

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