Set up of Classified Categories

Create Icons

First create your icon which will be your link from the top level classifieds page. To create your icon -

  • Open Canva and there is a template in the Linku2 folder
  • Amend as required
  • Save this image which is 120 x 120 dimensions
  • Then open the image in Paintshop/Photoshop and resize to the dimensions below (16 x 16 and 64 x 64)

Create Category

Go to WP Engine | Classifieds | Categories

  • Add New category name and short description
  • SAVE
  • Then open the category

You will have two options for personalised icons (16 x 16 and 64 x 64)

  • Small Icon – this icon is displayed in Categories Widget and [adverts_categories] shortcode when showing β€œall” categories. Additionally, if you have Maps And Locations add-on and you are using the [adverts_mal_map] shortcode then the selected icons will be used there as well.

  • Big Icon – this icon is displayed in [adverts_categories] shortcode when showing top categories only.

Upload your icons and Update

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