• Open your Website and Keyword Score Card template - this is a word document and will open in a different window. You will need to first -
    • Open it
    • Enable Edit
    • Then before you make any changes save it as a new document with the client name into your preferred computer folder
  • As you work through each of these scores, adding them to your report, make sure you update the template icons as well as putting in your comments in all 3 of -
    • Score
    • Comments section
    • Summary
  • Then do your 5 Point SEO - Open your SEO Audit Template and your client url in Google and manually work out their scores.
  • Put these scores into your client report and make comments.
  • If you want to make suggestions on title, description, etc you can test and get a sample image using your chrome extension "Google Search Snippet Optimisation Tool"
  • Open your SEO Audit Spreadsheet and go to Report by url tab and add the client url in a new row
  • Work through the tabs (by just clicking on the links, your google chrome extensions or the below links) and enter details in your report as follows -
    • Site Security - you can check this at your chrome extension "Website Safety & Security Check | SSL Tool"
    • For site metrics make sure you have the Keywords Everywhere extension switched on. Then open Google and put your client url in the search bar | enter
    • You will then see all MOZ (Keyword) information below the url - enter this all in the spreadsheet. The metrics you want to record are -
      • Domain Authority
      • Referring Domains - to find referring domains to list you will see an option after the spam score to "show backlinks". You might also be able to check using your chrome extension "Link Explorer - Moz" (you may find you have to pay for this)
    • Total backlinks
    • Organic traffic pm for website
    • Total keywords site ranks
    • GT Metrix website speed and performance add in spreadsheet -
      • Grade
      • Performance %
      • Structure %
  • To check your GT Metrix use your chrome extension "GT Metrix - Website Speed and Optimisation Performance"
    • Web Core Vitals
      • Largest content pane
      • Total blocking time
      • Cumulative layout shift
    • Page Speed Insights -
      • Performance
      • Accessibility
      • Best Practices
      • SEO
  • To check your Page Speed Insights and Web Vitals use your chrome extension "Page Speed Insights" - use this link for all the above metrics.

Once you've gone to all the above links and added the information into the spreadsheet copy this across to your Score Card.


Then in your report and with the url in Google and Keywords Everywhere on check their website url and keywords (and add in scores from the right hand column for -

  • SEO Difficulty
  • Off-page difficulty
  • On-page difficulty

Add a few -

  • Google Search - Related keywords:
  • Google Search - People also searched for:
  • Google Search – Suggested long-tail keywords:

Then go to Google again and add their keywords with local words "Hibiscus Coast" and their main centre, eg "Whangaparaoa", "Orewa", "Hamilton", etc and record data as above for main keyword

Then just list 2-3 other keyword rankings

Then review the report and make some suggestions.

Save and send to the client

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