A Gift from Santa is a special Feature which runs once a year from 10 November to 24 December designed to promote local business Christmas present ideas or events/activities (eg can be gifts but could also be something like Santa in store, Christmas show, etc and can link to either an online product, a store website, a social page or any other link).

This is a special category activated in our Classifieds section. There are limited spots (up to 15 max).
Our Linku2 15 days of Christmas then feature each business with 2 social posts over the period as well as links in our database newsletters.

First postings run from 10-24 November with one client featured a day.

The second social posts run from 30 November to 14 December again one a day. All posts are regularly shared across social groups up to the end of the promotion period (5 pm on 24 December).

This would mean you could run a social media post - “A Gift from Santa: Idea No 1 ….”, “A Gift from Santa: Idea No 2 …” etc. Each advert sold as it signs up can then be attributed a social media post such as -

• 10 Nov - Idea No 1
• 11 Nov - Idea No 2
• 12 Nov - Idea No 3

Through to 24 Nov then start again with Idea No 1 from 30 Nov through to 14 December.

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