Every month you will get a reminder to undertake several tasks. One of these is to update the site Latest Stats page.

This is a page found under the “Advertise” main menu tab which gives latest stats for the previous month. Used mostly for sales.


To update -

  • Open the backend Table | Latest Stats | Add data to start a new month
  • Gather all stats and fill them in the Latest Stats table -
  • Open a second screen
  • Go to WordPress | Analytics
  • At the bottom right of the first box click on Source: Analytics
  • This opens Google Analytics in a new window. Top right put in month dates - untick the compare to box | Apply
  • Go to Audience | Overview tab
  • Get and add in your table -
    • Sessions No for Visitors
    • Pageviews
  • Take a screenshot of perhaps just the user stats (whatever looks best for the page)
  • Go back to your WordPress tab
  • Scroll down to search traffic box and click on Source: Search Console link in bottom left
  • At top put in your month dates - it should automatically show you stats for the whole site
  • Note Impressions and clicks in your table
  • Make sure (if good) you can see stat lines for both impressions and clicks
  • Take a screenshot image
  • In Paintshop blank out other not so good information | SAVE
  • Check out search queries as you may want to specifically advise clients of some of these or use them for sales pitch
  • Search emails (or get details from Support Office) for “Google Search Console Team” emails to check Google Search stats
  • ??? Get Google My Business stats by searching on Google your business name this should tell you at the top the No of views this month, click on this number which will give you an overview | add in dates and scroll down to see No of views” (if these aren’t good you don’t have to add in public page)
  • Gather any other stats eg Facebook post stats by -
    • Going to the Facebook page | Insights | Export Data
    • Page data | put in your date range | All page date | Export data
  • Then in the spreadsheet you open add up all “Daily Total Reach” and “Daily Total Impressions” to get your stats and add in your table
  • Check LinkedIn Connection numbers
  • Go to WordPress | Pages
  • Open Latest Stats page
  • Add in all new details and images | SAVE
  • Check page is all updated
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