Thank you for your enquiry regarding a (plan type) with Linku2 Hibiscus Coast.

Before we upload your links we'd like to just establish what you hope to get from linking with us so we can maximise the support we can offer your local business.

What we would propose to do for you is -

List your business in the following categories -

(list the categories as links)

As these are not currently specifically related to your business focus of (list focus) we propose to keyword optimise these categories and update their names as follows -

(list proposed new category names)

This will help us in our Hibiscus Coast optimisation.

For your business page we have researched your own website and we would propose to link to the following pages -

(list pages as links)

We would also propose to use the following keywords and long-tail keywords in our SEO optimisation -

(list keywords)

We would further propose to use the following meta data (the title and short description which appears in Google searches) -

(list title and meta description)

All of the above we would then submit to Google for indexing.

Our focus at Linku2 Hibiscus Coast is to get our category pages (which of course will have your full links prioritised on the page), optimised for "Hibiscus Coast" searches, as high as possible in Google so sometimes there is a fair amount of experimenting to achieve this but it is unusual for us to have no success and we have good domain ranking in Google.

This also means that, even if you currently appear high with your own site in Google, for the appropriate keywords that it gives you more "clout" and extra Google links. Have you checked out our guide to how we can help you when people "google it"?

If you are happy with the above please confirm or if you would like us to focus on different keywords or page links let us know.

If we don't hear from you within the next few days we will proceed as above with our (6 month plan type). We will then test the page with a range of tools we use to ensure maximum optimisation and report once all links and updates are in place.

We look forward to hearing from you and supporting your business on the Hibiscus Coast.

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