Uploading a new SPONSOR client

To upload a new Sponsor client on site take the following steps -

Get Client Details and Set Up

  • Gather web link required – either website, Facebook page or can be a specific page within a website (eg if want a link only to a school holiday programme page or maybe membership details page)
  • Get their logo, etc
  • Open a client folder in Dropbox/Google Drive
  • In Contact CRM check to see if there is already a Contact if not set up a new contact, add in all fields in full

Set Up Canva Images

Go to Canva - set up -

  • 350 x 350 px logo image (this goes in Featured image in right column in the business)
  • A side advert 614 x 300 px – this is also used for the social tag images; and
  • A Sponsor image 800 x 150 px

Go to WP Engine

In WPEngine go to -

Businesses and first check to see if there is a listing (should be) - use this. If there isn’t one set up NEW. Fill in all fields including meta information and social tags - Tick Sponsor box for the Membership Plan

Go to Sliders – pick your Section Sponsor slider (eg Travel, Education, etc) | Add your 614 x 300 px image – Make sure you add client name, alt text, client website url | tick the “Open url in a new window” box | enter your client advertising start and end dates (this will take the ad off site automatically) | SAVE

Remove or unpublish one of the holder images if there are any

Then go to your Sliders | Section side advert and add in all Section sliders the business is listed in and again remember to link and schedule

Go to Frontend Sections and check business listings and adverts appear in the right column and are linked

Google My Maps

Go to Google My Maps | Open Linku2 Hibiscus Coast - Whangaparaoa Map

Add client either by entering the address in the search column or by a pin drop | Add name | short description | logo

Share | Embed and copy link

In WP pages | open Map page | Enter new code for updated map in code box and make 100% wide and 550 high | SAVE

In Map page then add business listing in all relevant sections below the map and link these | SAVE

Report to client

Go back to Contact CRM | Email this client with NEW CLIENT – Initial Report – SPONSOR template

In Contact CRM then add them to a list either “New Client” or “Renewed Client” – this will activate an Automation to send them 2 x general emails (before and after their mid-term reports) to remind them to use other services plus will send an automatic renewal heads up about 10 days or so before their renewal is due

12-month client: If they are a 12 month client remember add tag for either “New Client 12 months” or “Renewed Client 12 months”

Google Calendar

The go to your Google calendar add in 2 x tasks -

  • first one for "Client name mid-term report" - 13 weeks after start date
  • second one for "Client name renewal due (date) - about 3 days before their actual renewal date


Go to Xero | Check if already have a contact | If not set up new | Fill in all details | Create repeating invoice and send with template email

Make sure you have added to your specific client group in Xero

  • In Social Champ set up 2 x posts – 1 for approx. 42 days after ad start date and another approx. 120 days after ad start date OR set up first post and schedule a reminder for a second which you can do once you do your mid-term report
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