Uploading a new WEB LINK client

To upload a new Web Link client on site take the following steps -

  • Gather web link required – either website, Facebook page or can be a specific page within a website (eg if want a link only to a school holiday programme page or maybe membership details page)
  • Get their logo, etc
  • Open a client folder in Dropbox/Google Drive
  • In Contact CRM check to see if there is already a Contact if not set up a new contact, add in all fields in full

Go to Canva - set up -

  • 350 x 350 px logo image (this goes in Featured image in right column in the business)

In WPEngine go to -

Businesses and first check to see if there is a listing (should be) - use this. If there isn’t one set up NEW. Fill in all fields including meta information and social tags - Tick Web Link box for the Membership Plan

Go to Frontend Sections and check business listings appear and are linked

Go to Google My Maps | Open Linku2 Hibiscus Coast - Whangaparaoa Map

Add client either by entering the address in the search column or by a pin drop | Add name | short description | logo

Share | Embed and copy link

In WP pages | open Map page | Enter new code for updated map in code box and make 100% wide and 550 high | SAVE

In Map page then add business listing in all relevant sections below the map and link these | SAVE

Go back to Contact CRM | Email this client with NEW CLIENT – Initial Report – WEB LINK template

In Contact CRM then add them to a list either “New Client” or “Renewed Client” – this will activate an Automation to send them 2 x general emails (before and after their mid-term reports) to remind them to use other services plus will send an automatic renewal heads up about 10 days or so before their renewal is due

12-month client: If they are a 12 month client remember add tag for either “New Client 12 months” or “Renewed Client 12 months”

The go to your Google calendar add in 2 x tasks -

  • first one for "Client name mid-term report" - 13 weeks after start date
  • second one for "Client name renewal due (date) - about 3 days before their actual renewal date


Go to Xero | Check if already have a contact | If not set up new | Fill in all details | Create repeating invoice and send with template email

Make sure you have added to your specific client group in Xero

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