Archiving School Holidays

Update records for end of holidays

These actions will take in the region of 1 hour

Initial record updates have been moved to the CLOSING procedure so will have been completed.

Update Automations

Update Automations -

Go to your Automations lists from your closed holidays

  • Check they went to all contacts by just checking 2-3 are all complete (Go to Reports | click on the down arrow next to contact name to check)
  • Make all your User Automations "draft" just to ensure nothing goes out unexpectedly!! (do this before the below)

Update CRM contact lists -

Now you need to update the new signed up contacts into the correct List. Firstly, Filter by List - NEW Site Users, go to a couple just to check and make sure they do have a region tag in them.

Also just check they have received the Congratulations email at the end of the holidays. If not you will want to send them this before doing the next step.

Once confirmed -

  • Tick them all
  • First select Bulk Action
  • Add to Lists
  • Select Site User List | Confirm
  • Then tick them all again
  • Select bulk action
  • Remove from Lists
  • Select NEW Site User List | Confirm

The reason you go through this process (as they could just be put in their region user tag) is just so you can see how many new site users you signed up over that particular holiday period and where they were from. Interesting and potentially good for stat reporting.

Update Contacts

Contacts -

Go to contacts and just check the automations have moved the contacts to tags as follows (should have been done automatically) -

  • Check by going to all Contacts and filtering by the tag you are taking contacts out of (eg, Client, Users Auckland etc)
  • If any come up they need to be moved do this by selecting them (tick box at top left of the list)
  • Select Action: First add them to the correct tag (important you do this first otherwise you lose them!!)
  • Then Select Action: Remove from the tag you are taking them out of

Check one of each to be sure. You will need to check each of the following -

  • Clients to Previous Client Pending
  • Holiday Non-Active Regions to Holiday Non-Active Region - Pending
  • Holiday Active Region to Holiday Active Region - Pending
  • Previous Client to Previous Client Pending (same as the Clients)
  • User Non-Active Regions to User Non-Active Regions Pending
  • Users Auckland to Users Auckland Pending
  • Users Waikato to Users Waikato Pending
  • Users Bay of Plenty to Users Bay of Plenty Pending
  • NEW Site User to Site users in their region (you'll only be able to check this as there should be no stragglers in the NEW Site User tag)

Plus any other active regions that may have been created ...

You'll probably find this will generally be only the unsubscribed but move them anyway and keep them on the list as later you may be able to re-approach them and they are a good record of contacts (it isn't absolutely necessary to do this step with the User lists but it does make things tidier).

Convert clients back to free

Go to each client page (find them by the client tag in Businesses)

  • The easiest way to find all clients is to open the first business in your business listings list (doesn't matter who they are)
  • Add the client tag then you can search on it each time you've updated a client because the list defaults back to all
  • Open the client Business
  • Change their Membership type to Free
  • Change the tag from "client" to "previous client"
  • Update

Don't forget to then take the client tag out of the business you put it in at the beginning to do the searching!

Finally, once everything else is done, go to Automations and make your "School Holidays Internal Email Trail" Automation back to draft.

Holiday Finish!

You may wish, just for peace of mind, want to check you have a task (probably in about 3 weeks) in your calendar to start the process again. This will have been added in the Closing Procedure.

Apart from ensuring school holiday prizes are sent you are all finished now for these holidays!!

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