First Actions each Holiday Period

Update Your Internal Automation

This will be triggered by a Task in your Google Calendar.

You possibly have already had a Task 2 weeks prior to this to seek giveaway sponsors.

This Task is to update your Internal Email Automation and then you will have 3 days to complete all the actions in the first trigger point of that Automation before you'll be activating all your Activity Provider, Client and User Automations for the upcoming holiday period.

Before you trigger your Automation make sure all your dates and content is correct as follows -

  • Go to your Automation “School Holidays Internal Email Trail” (or if it's summer go to the summer version, this is different because of the length of the summer holidays)

Check your specific dates for these holidays match for the Automation. To do this –

  • Know the school holiday start and end dates, and CLICK HERE to get all relevant dates or have your calendar in front of you to check and, if necessary, adjust the yellow “Wait” and dates boxes to suit
  • The day in 3 days’ time should be approx. 5 weeks prior to the holiday start date or a specific date if this works better for you
  • Set the next date as a specific date as the Monday 3 weeks before holiday start date (to send out notice to schools)
  • Then put in specific date of 2 days after the end of the holidays and put that specific date in the Wait box and to trigger the action
  • The last date is fine as you’ll just archive when ready so approx. 2-3 days later

Then -

  • Add List “Internal Communications” in the first tab and also add it in the last tab “Remove from List”
  • Make sure Automation is published; this will trigger it - then

Update CRM List

Then go to Contact CRM | Contacts |Search on “Internal Communications - Pending” List

Add the List “Internal Communications” to these contacts and remove the pending List.

This will trigger your “School Holidays Internal Email Trail” Automation.

Once triggered it will send an immediate email to you and you work from the link and instructions in each email as it issues for the rest of the holiday period.

You will have 3 days to complete all tasks in the first email and trigger all your other Automations.

Important Note: You must update and publish your automation before you add the tag to the contact as it won't work if you do it the other way around.

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