How Linku2 School Holidays Works

The purpose of Linku2 School Holidays is to connect people/families looking for school holiday programmes and fun family activities to what is available in their local region and across New Zealand if they are heading away by using online opportunities through Google searching and social media channels.

The target audience for users is -

  • Families with children aged between 2-16 years
  • Grandparents with caregiving roles

The target audience for advertisers is -

  • Businesses who hold school holiday programmes
  • Family activities, eg Snowplanet, Chipmunks, Tree Tops Adventure, etc

We list all businesses/activities free, with a name, address and linked phone, in our main directory section to provide a useful resource for site visitors and also as a key element in our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Our income is then derived from two SMART Link Plans where business can upgrade their listings. Plus we offer links through our blog posts.

We reach our target audiences through our comprehensive SEO strategies, building databases and social media.

Website Breakdown

Our website consists of 4 main menu links.



On our home page you will find -

  • Further links with short explanations to the other three menu options
  • Information for potential advertisers
  • Blog article links to great places to visit
  • Our Instagram feed

Holiday Fun

Our Holiday Fun menu link takes you to the main site listings. These are divided into 16 Regions across New Zealand and when a Region button is clicked on it reveals a drop down of Districts within each Region. There are a total of 64 Districts - For full breakdown information see KEYWORD SITE STRUCTURE EXPLAINED.

Example of Holiday Fun main menu -

Example of Holiday Fun drop down menu -

There is one other way you can also access all the District links in one place and that is through a Region button found in the right column of every District page. See below -

This image also shows examples of businesses using our paid Plans for advertising in their Region.

Below is an example of a Region top level page with button links to each District, client advertising at the top and side, link to a Google map listing things to do (this is a Linku2 personalised Google map), button link for holiday and term dates and below this are links to local blog articles.

All Holiday Fun pages have a right column which is customised to only show local information for that Region.

Also, not shown publicly, but run though the “backend” these 16 Regions are further split for greater target audience accuracy as well as greater opportunities for advertising revenue for the Licensee.

Eg The Auckland menu has 8 regions - 4 are targeted to North Auckland and the other 4 are targeted to South Auckland. Eg a Birkenhead advertiser will only be shown to the North Districts and a Papakura advertiser will only be shown to the South Districts, after all, how frustrating is it if you are looking for something to do on the Shore and you get ads for the Pukekohe Music programme?

This distinction is better demonstrated in some of the even larger areas, eg Waikato or Canterbury after all who wants to see an activity advertised in Otorohanga if you live in Thames?!

This means the Licensee can sell Sponsor spots in a very targeted area for businesses.


Our third menu link goes to our Giveaways page. This is very self-explanatory. Easily set up and automated this is the best way to capture database contacts. Contacts are required to specify the Region they live in which means you can later do targeted marketing to them for their Region. These are automatically captured and indexed into your Contact CRM system and in a form easy to complete the prize draw at the end of the holiday period.

The Licensee should get prizes sponsored in which case it is easy to add a sponsor link(s) - this example the sponsor is Bricks 4 Kidz. This also give opportunities to add further links as you see back to the Holiday Fun Regions with a button link and display advertiser scrolling adverts (Sponsors only).


Our fourth menu link is our Advertise link page which takes you to -

This section is for advertisers and potential advertisers.

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