NEW CLIENT UPLOAD - New Clients for School Holidays (30 mins to 1 hour)

Automation Update

If your Automations are active the first thing to do is -

  • Go to the Automation they are currently in (probably either an Apply Tag: Specific Region or Non-Active Region Activity Providers) | View Reports
  • Manually take them out of this Automation otherwise they will stay in both – this is very important

Then get any images you need etc from the client or their FB page or website. Then go to your holiday spreadsheet and add the business as an Advertiser

Canva Images

Go to Canva and create the following images –

  • Feature image – 350 x 350 px
  • FBOG (Facebook Open Graph) – 600 x 314 px – you will use this same image for both under the Social tab and for your side advert - if Summer holidays create 2 x of these images for two separate posts
  • If a Sponsor create top banner – 800 x 150 px
  • Any images you want to include in the client page
  • Create a Facebook Video image (use the template size as it won't work otherwise) for a video post

Open the image in your Paintshop programme (or other image creation programme) and save using jpg image optimizer. Where possible make the image size 100kb or less.

WP Updates

Then go to WP Engine | See if there is a business listing in Businesses. If not set up a new listing

  • Add the client tag in the right column (this makes it easier if you are just searching for current clients under Business)
  • Fill in all details including categories (areas) and membership and add in all page details
  • Set up all SEO links and images including social FB with FBOG image, Twitter links and keywords
  • Add Feature image (right column – 350 x 350 px)
  • Check listing on site

Go to -

Sliders | Soliloquy | Find your Region slider

You may already have an image you want to use in which case just set up; or select File from your Computer

Click on the modify pencil in the top right corner of your image and –

  • Change your Title
  • Add your Alt text
  • Add your URL link
  • Tick open URL in new window
  • Tick schedule slide
  • Enter your start and end date and time
  • Save Metadata
  • The exit out

If you are also adding a Sponsor banner go to your Slider for this too and repeat above. If this is not being done before the Automations are activated (eg clients who have signed up later) try and set up as many clients as possible at one time as you will need to set up with new tags and Automations so you can then keep them together in the new tag and Automation.

Then go to the Giveaway page slider -

  • Add your client slide
  • Also re-activate whole slider from schedule option in left menu (if it’s not already active)

CRM Updates

Change of Tags and Automations

First get all the separate clients tasks done above. Then once all done -

  • Go back to Contact CRM | Go to Contact | Add tag “Client” | This will immediately trigger the client Automation which starts with an email you’ve set on the first day of the holidays
  • Remove them from other holiday automation tags
  • Just recheck you took them out of their previous tags as if you forgot they will start getting duplicate emails
  • As a new client (if this is the first client for the holidays you'll need to update the template first by going to Emails | Email Templates | CLIENT OPENING REPORT - Reporting new links and update holiday dates in first paragraph and date promo will end at the end of the email (5 lines up) – if it’s not the first client your template will already be up-to-date)

Analytics and Social


Go to Analytics | Search Console | Search Results | URL Inspection | add your URL in the search | Request Indexing (as your page has changed)

Go to your Google My Maps for the region and -

  • Make the client a feature client with links and logo
  • Then get the code for the new map and embed in your template in Oxygen in WP

(If you do not do the technical backend management of the site ask the Technical Manager to do this for you)

Hootsuite and Sharing Schedules –

  • Open your holiday sharing schedules
  • Open Hootsuite
  • Create and schedule in first a static FB post for the client usually asap
  • Then (depending on holiday length and when their programmes might run) - approx 10 days to 2 weeks later schedule a video post
  • Add the business name, advertising dates and scheduled date and time of the post and shared post content rows - in the post link row just put "Will be added once published" - then as each post publishes replace this with the link for the sharers to use
  • You can then share the schedules with your team of sharers

NOTE: As you add posts to the sharing schedule add them in front of the older posts, eg add a new column for row E and add your latest post in this. This will mean as you add posts and time progresses through the holiday the newest posts will be showing first, slowly you'll ease up on the sharing and re-sharing of the earlier posts.

Report to Client

Then -

  • Go to new client Contact | Emails
  • Send Email | Use Email Template | CLIENT OPENING REPORT – Reporting new links

Xero Invoicing

Go to Xero -

  • Go to Xero
  • Set up a new contact
  • Create invoice
  • Remember to add the Region tracking tag (to do this you may need to switch to the classic layout of the invoice to get the relevant column showing)
  • Send direct from Xero
  • Make sure you have added them in the “Client” Xero contact group

Do NOT just add the specific holiday tag to the Contact as this will start the original Automation which will be out of sequence.

Final Checklist

New Client Upload Final Checklist

Have you?

  • Check metadata and client tag in Businesses?
  • Checked their live pages and links?
  • Set up a social media post?
  • Checked they have the right tags/Lists in Contact CRM?
  • Added them to the "client" Automation?
  • Reported to the client?
  • Invoiced them?

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