School Holiday Sharing KPI's

  • Aim for up to 80 shares per week (max) - 2 hours
  • At 1-2 mins per share this will take approx 2 hours
  • Shares will be counted at a rate of 0.66 cents per share (up to $52.80 pw or $26.40 ph) - if you share between 70-80 posts evenly over the week you will get your pay for the No of shares (eg 75 x 0.66c) plus a $5 bonus (bonus not paid on mass post sharing)
  • Do not share more than 120 shares in a week unless agreement has been reached. Excessive sharing will not be paid.
  • Pay will be made for any shares made from an incorrect profile however these will not be eligible to be counted towards the bonus pay
  • Shares will be counted from 8 am on each Monday to 10 pm the following Sunday and payment will be made by the Friday of the following week
  • No more than 6 shares each day for any one post in one given area (sheet) (and don't make them in too similar groups)
  • Try to share at least 5 days per week, varying your sharing
  • Do not overshare any one post at the same time
  • Do not share to excess as you will be slapped a ban from Facebook
  • Sharing from different profiles helps avoid this, eg you are a different entity if you share you first group of shares by your own profile and second group of shares by the Linku2 page profile
  • Try to share from the most appropriate page profile, eg if you are sharing into Wellington groups share only from either yourself, the Linku2 School Holidays profile or the Linku2 Wellington profile, you will note you can only share to certain groups from each depending on who has joined the group
  • If you share across a number of regions consider sharing proportionately to the number of paying clients in each area and also taking into consideration the growth of particular areas, eg currently most of our clients are North Shore/HBC based so approx 70% of your shares should be those posts to those areas
  • In these sheets (if you are part of our region growth team only) share only paying client posts in the region sheets but in the growth sheets share a range of generic posts you have posted or on-shared
  • If you are unable to share for more than 3 days in a row please make sure you advise Sarah by FB messenger thank you!

CLICK HERE to go to the sharing Step by Step Guide

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