School Holidays Operating Systems General Information

Programmes used by Linku2 School Holidays in each school holidays process are (WP are WordPress plugins) -

  • WP FluentCRM - This holds all your contacts (clients, non-clients and site users). This is the plugin used to record all business information and send emails and campaigns (newsletters). These are all scheduled in the project and sent upon task email reminders
  • WP Project Management - This is where the information and scheduled tasks issue from and need to be completed for the holiday programme. This, with links to the FCRM clients, are held in a Project
  • WP Businesses - These are the on site listings for each business both clients and free listings
  • WP Fluent Forms Pro - This is where the giveaway form and entries are stored
  • Facebook and Instagram - For running the social media programme. Assisted by Hootsuite scheduling
  • Xero - Invoicing done by Support Office
  • Excel spreadsheets - Templates held in Project | Files. For recording stats, posts, sharing, prize draw, etc. When make changes download, make changes, then re-upload with date and your initials (eg - 170621-SC) - then delete the previous version to avoid confusion
  • Google Analytics - For stats (currently only accessible by Support Office)
  • Linku2 Manual links for procedures - links for procedures as follows -

Each holiday period runs over approx 8 weeks (except summer which is longer) with build up, during and closing processes. Holiday timelines as follows -

  • July 2021 - Project start date: 31 May 2021 - Holidays: 10 July to 25 July 2021 - Project Link: CLICK HERE (note you need to be logged in to LU2SH for link to work)
  • October 2021 - Project start date: 23 August 2021 - Holidays: 2 October to 17 October 2021

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