February 21, 2022

Facebook Ads v SEO v Linku2 Ads

Starting with Facebook.

Facebook is a business, and it has that one goal in mind. They want you to be spending your money on its ads to reach your followers. For businesses, the organic reaching of followers has dwindled significantly over time. To reach all your followers on Facebook with your business profile, you need to boost your posts or take paid adverts for more views, engagements, or to get any interactions.

Pros Of Facebook Ads

 The pros of Facebook are, you’re able to build branding and have a customer take action right there and then. You can reach a wide variety of people with little effort and spending limit. When somebody leaves your website, Facebook allows you to retarget them with odds of your choosing - giving you the chance to retain a customer that you may have lost.

Cons of Facebook Ads

 So many people are using Facebook ads to grow their business and are super successful in doing so. So, what are the cons? Facebook has created a user-friendly interface on the front side that will allow you to create your ads. You most likely will waste your dollars by doing so unless you are fully conversant in what you are trying to achieve and the Facebook processes.

Pros of SEO

The pros of SEO are you get to be at the top of the search engine when people are searching on Google and other engines. That means people are going to your business first or calling your business first. It doesn’t guarantee that you will get the customer, but they will be looking at you before your competition.

People tend to have done all the research and are looking for that service. Either that or they are trying to find something that will fit their needs. You don’t have to spend time trying to convince them they have a problem they’ve already understood there is a problem and want to solve it.

Cons of SEO

SEO tends to be more expensive and takes a little bit longer to get results. It’s something that is very challenging to do on your own and takes a long time to learn. Not everybody who says they are an expert at SEO is. You need to be careful about who you choose. Also, it can take up to 3 to 6 months to see any real results, but once you see the results, the revenue can be incredible.

Pros of Linku2

Linku2 SMART Sponsor and Deluxe Plans are affordable and yet expose your business to an experienced and well qualified team who work with a full range of Google SEO optimization tools and rank influencer services. The results can take longer, like the SEO but results can be much more long term.

Linku2 options you can work with a keyword site or regional site depending on your key focus, or you can work with both site types for greater ranking opportunities.

Linku2 also have add on Plans for Facebook and Instagram advertising meaning you can run a combined campaign.

Cons of Linku2

Hmmmm, well we can’t think of any but then again, we would be biased!

Which one wins?

Seriously, this will depend on what you want to achieve -

  • Take a Linku2 SMART Plan if you want …

Excellent value, with good opportunities for high-ranking SEO results for your links for your keyword or regional sales with add-on options of Facebook and Instagram advertising.

  • Approach an SEO specialist if you want …

Guaranteed top of Google rankings for keywords. The main factors to keep in mind include the time it takes to achieve results, the amount of money spent to get those results, and the outcomes you want when you are on the first page of Google.

  • Use Facebook Ads if you want …

To create brand awareness and get quick sales.

  • Use a combination …

One thing to keep in mind as you decide on your best method to reach your customers however is, the fast sale is never as good as the long sale.

For further information on Linku2 sites and Plans available to you email admin@linku2.co.nz

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