When planning a Linku2 Feature things to keep in mind –

  • Length of time the Feature will run
  • Topic
  • No of clients that will be part of the Feature
  • No of potential blog posts you will be using

Choose your posts (or get from client input)

As you write/update material extract pieces of it to repurpose. One post can quickly become five or more without much extra time.

Make sure you create images to the right sizes for the social channel you are going to post to

Work out your schedule, eg if you have 7 blog articles and 12 clients to promote over 4 weeks a potential distribution schedule could be –

  • 28 days promotion period
  • Last post must be min 3 days before promotion ends, eg on day 25, and last client promo one day before end, eg on day 27
  • 7 posts / 25 days = posts for blog articles on days 1, 5, 9, 13, 17, 21, 25.
  • 12 clients / 27 days = client promos on days 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24 (every second day around article posts allows for up to 13 client promos)

Add these into your calendar schedule then work on the angle | post content | platform for promotion

Then complete a sharing schedule, eg sharing each post and promo to min 6 groups over the period, in the above scenario this would be 114 shares over the 28 days, eg 4-5 shares per day or 8-10 shares every second day.

Shares should be scattered over the time period so add into sharing schedule by adding date next to the group – then the person who does the share can add their initials once the share is complete.

Use your –

Once prepared share the calendar and sharing schedule to those who are going to share with you.


Preparation and marketing -

Select your initial articles 
Email all clients asking if they want to include either an article, want an article on a specific topic written or have any other participation with “Feature – Client Marketing 1” email 
Email all non-client businesses with “Feature – Non-client Marketing 1” email 
Upload articles online and link into the main Feature page 
Email clients once again with “Feature – Client Marketing reminder” email 
Create generic intro post (with links to all other posts and client page links) 
Email clients once again with “Feature – Marketing reminder” email 
Complete Social Media Strategy presentation inc creating all required image sizes 
Email non-clients once again with “Feature – Non-client Marketing reminder” email 
In Hootsuite schedule in posts then export and download schedule from Planner 
Complete Calendar and Sharing schedule including adding post links (take from downloaded planner) 
Complete Feature Summary 
Share Feature Summary and Sharing schedule with those who are sharing 

At start of Feature –

Check first post has published 
Email all relevant clients with “Feature Opening - Clients” email 
Once sorted database into Feature groups email other relevant businesses with “Feature Opening – Non-clients” email 
Monitor Feature during month 

At end of Feature –

Check all Feature posts have published and get stats 
Complete Feature report (use Hootsuite analytics too) 
Upload Feature report and email with links to clients with “Feature Closing – Clients” email 
Once sorted database into Feature groups email other relevant businesses with “Feature Closing – Non-clients” email 
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