January 6, 2024

How Linku2 can help improve your Google Rankings

We all know it’s a never-ending battle working with SEO, ever-changing algorithms and IOS updates in order to get our rankings top in Google, but we also appreciate the importance of being the brand that “jumps out” when potential customers are “Googling it”!

So how can Linku2 help ensure it’s your logo and links those potential customers see?

First and foremost, and to be clear, it is your links and logo on our site pages that we optimise to get you up in the rankings. But how?

Linku2 has –

  • Been ranking high in Google for over 15 years and built an excellent reputation for providing valuable and relevant content to be ranked, including having a number of the exclusive Position Zero (P0) listings (these are the first Google search result that appears above organic SEO listings. Also known as a featured snippet)
  • We have information “in bulk”, eg we list all local businesses not just those who pay us. This shows Google relevancy and allows us opportunities to optimize all pages allowing for higher rankings
  • We have an experienced and well qualified team who work with a wide range of Google optimisation tools and rank influencer services
  • Because we are local and optimize for local this is one of the key factors relevant in how and to whom Google delivers content
  • With our SMART Plans we are able to focus on the on-page SEO for your specific keywords and optimized content

Remember when people are using Google they tend to have done all the research and are looking for that service. Either that or they are trying to find something that will fit their needs. You don’t have to spend time trying to convince them they have a problem or want to find a service, they’ve already understood this and want to find the solution, hopefully that's YOU through one of our impressions!

Also remember, if you measure where your referrals come from by talking to, or surveying, clients, if they used Google, over 49% of them will state the referral “came from Google” and often be completely unaware which link they followed from their Google search. Remember Google is merely a search engine taking leads to links such as ours.

Linku2 currently dominates the Google organic search market for a number of our site including "Hibiscus Coast" and "School Holidays" with over 80% of our traffic being Google organic sourced.

Of course Google dominates all search engines with over 90% of the global search engine market and over 5.6 billion searches per day.

We all know –

  • The first page of Google results receives over 95% of all search traffic
  • Organic search drives over ten times more website traffic than organic social media.
  • The first result on a Google SERP has a 28.5% click-through rate. By the time you get to the 10th result, the CTR has fallen to 2.5% - ideally you want to be in the top 5

So why not give us a try?

It’s a lot cheaper than paid ads or engaging a long-term SEO “expert”!

Email Sarah on admin@linku2.co.nz or visit our Hibiscus Coast SMART Link Plan advertising options page OR our School Holidays SMART Plan advertising options page to get started on reaching those local customers more affordably!

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