Client Mid-Term Report

Set Up

You will use this same procedure for 6 and 12 month clients. For 6 month clients this will be once during their advertising term approx. 90 days after start date. For 12 month clients this will be twice after approx. 120 days and 250 days after start date.

You will be notified of activation of these by Google reminders. This report needs to be completed and sent manually when that reminder comes up.

Full details on what you need to gather and how to do this are below.

Allow approx. 30 mins to 1 hour to report. If you can gather stats from more than one client at a time this will help reduce reporting times.

The quickest and easiest way to manage this is (if you are able) to have 7 tabs/documents open to add info as follows (these links are all listed again below) -

  • The checklist of actions to take so you can tick off as you go
  • The Reporting spreadsheet to add stats into (with auto calculations) so you can then transfer these to the Client Report
  • The Client Report to transfer over the stats from the above spreadsheet
  • You will also want to have opened the client previous report (if you have one) to copy over the category/page links and google ranking links into your spreadsheet and report templates above
  • Google Analytics and Google Search tabs (open these in the site backend Analytics tab see instructions below)
  • The site media tab to add the report pdf once complete
  • The client CRM record to email the report

You can open and use this CHECKLIST to mark off the steps below and use this REPORTING SPREADSHEET to record the stats for your report template below.

Report stats to client for mid-term in Contact CRM

open two things -

  1. The word document template to complete - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE
  2. Openthe client Contact in CRM so you can copy the past links into your template from their last report
  3. Find and open their last reporting email and copy over each section content so you have the links already in your template
  4. Go and update all information in your word template. Check the links and re-check all Google ranking stats
  5. Save report as a pdf
  6. Then go to WP Media and upload the pdf file - copy the file URL before leaving this screen
  7. Then go to the client CRM Email link, Send Email and chose template "CLIENT - MID-TERM Report Link Template"
  8. Add your link to the button
  9. SEND

Fill all client stats to complete in the report by using the spreadsheet - CLIENT STAT REPORTING SPREADSHEET

How to gather stats


  • Gather and list their stats for the template from WordPress Analytics link as follows -
  • Go to WordPress | Analytics
  • At the bottom right of the first box click on Source: AnalyticsThis opens Google Analytics in a new window. Top right put in your client custom advertising dates from the start date to today's date - untick the compare to box
  • In the left menu first go to Engagement | Events to get an accurate count of your total users who logged in over the time period - here you can also get the number of page views for your spreadsheet
  • Then go to Engagement | Pages
  • In the search box enter something significant from the url you are searching | Enter - This will bring up any url’s with that term
  • Get analytics for spreadsheet
  • Do this for all categories they are in and sections - When searching for analytics for a whole Section put the Section name in with a / at the end, eg Property would be “property/” or Sport and Recreation would be “sport-and-recreation/”
  • Get their page, categories, Section (for scrolling ads) hits, hits for Map page and any other pages they may appear on (eg Flavours, Community Features, etc).
  • Put all stats in your spreadsheet which will do auto calculations
  • Go to Behavior | Events | Top Events | Event LabelSearch on client name to get stats
    • Put in your template

Search Console

  • Go back to WordPress tab
    • Scroll down to search traffic box and click on Source: Search Console link in bottom left
    • At top put in your custom advertising dates
    • Search for client page
    • Then do the same searching for url’s and/or query keywords, eg for a mortgage broker you may wish to generalise and search on urls containing “mortgage”
    • Note all stats in your template

Google Page Rankings

  • Go to Google and get page rankings by typing in keywords in the search bar and noting position of Linku2 page. Copy the link into your template to add in your client report

Social Stats

  • Gather any other stats eg Facebook post stats by Going to the Facebook page | Insights | find the post and you will see Reach numbers. To see Impressions change the search option at the top of the Reach column

Keep your document open to copy over stats to your email template

Future Scheduling

Go to Social Media schedule with at least 1 x new posts

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