School Holidays Explained

Each school holidays is managed under a tight schedule starting about 7 weeks prior to each holiday period. These schedules are managed through four main, well documented, processes as follows -

These are explained in more detail below and through the timeline links on the holiday calendar. The only other procedures required to run a Linku2 School Holiday holiday period are business upload procedures which we also provide comprehensive Step by Step Guides for as listed in the process below.

School Holidays Start and Sales

Up to 7 weeks prior to each school holiday period you will start the build up to the next holiday period.

An allowance of 2 weeks towards sales is undertaken before your full online set up will begin (although if you have any clients who come to you early and want to get links set up you can of course add these at any time).

The timeline will be -

  • 7 weeks prior to the first day of the holidays you should start to ensure things like -
  • Your databases are up to date
  • If you want to seek any more contacts to add to your databases, or re-organise the databases (eg if you feel you have enough interest for a new region you can separate out the activity provider and user contacts from the current "Non-Active User and Activity Provider" tags for this to activate
  • Check to see if you have a sponsor for the holiday giveaways
  • Any general tidying
  • If you have any particular clients or potential clients from previously you'd like to touch base with this is a good time

School Holidays Set Up

5 weeks prior to school holidays set up you will get a calendar task to trigger -

Firstly your Internal Automation (which is all the actions you, as manager of the holidays, will need to undertake in a timeline of reminders) - See First Actions Each Holiday Procedure

You will then have 3 days from activation of this to get all the online set up and automations including the giveaways and Facebook set ups

You will do this following a very detailed online procedure. This set up is essential to get right as this will then basically automatically runs much of the work for you for the holidays and you will really only then have manual interactions with paying clients saving time and money!! - See School Holidays Set Up Procedure.

Clients and Promotions

As you pick up clients for each holidays you can follow our easy Step by Step Guides for uploading and any other activity as follows -

School Holidays Pre-Holidays Promotion

Once you are all set up much of the whole holiday process is automated.

This pre-holiday promotion period is equally, if not more so, important to be doing your full on promotion.

This will include -

  • Scheduling and sharing Facebook posts
  • Getting your "helpers" (eg Facebook sharers) on board and sharing and filling in sharing schedules to avoid over sharing

This is especially important for those clients who have actual holiday programmes as opposed to year round family activities.

You will have a number of "different" types of clients being -

  • Clients who have actual holiday programmes, eg a workshop for the first week and attendance is for the whole workshop - Make sure you have noted their programme dates, eg some will have only a 4 or 5 day workshop the first or second week (make sure these are shared alot the 4-5 weeks prior to their programme but then make sure nobody is sharing their posts after the programme has started as that is a waste of a share!!
  • Clients who have holiday programmes daily and which kids can be booked in for one or multiple days at random - Make sure these are consistently promoted and shared right up until the day before their last holiday session.
  • Holiday activities which are all year round activities, eg a theme park, a museum, laser tag, zoo, etc - Again make sure these are consistently promoted and shared. These are particularly good to share on a Friday and Saturday for weekend family activities (but also remember these are also good days if you are doing a final push for a workshop the following week)

School Holidays

During the period of the holidays keep posting, sharing and be aware of your automations and scheduled emails going out.

Be aware when a client's holiday workshop may have finished. For some you may be able to continue to post a little and share, eg if they have a following term after school programme you might want to give that a little push for them.

Remember to schedule in regular giveaways page promotions. This is where you pick up new entries and these help grow our NZ wide database. Share these to any groups you are in or able to get access too (maybe through a family or friend profile) to keep this growth consistent.

Wind Down

Once you get to the last day of the holidays you will automatically be prompted to start the holiday wind down which includes -

  • Collating and reporting Stats
  • Reporting to clients
  • Doing giveaway draw and updating the page
  • Updating Automations
  • Updating Facebook
  • Checking all set ready for next holidays

Remember again some of these actions will be very time sensitive so keep this in mind!

All actions are detailed in our easy Step by Step Guide - See School Holidays Closing Procedure

Archiving School Holidays

These actions can be completed anytime after a week after the holidays end.

They are more actions just for tidying and making sure you are not getting any random emails going out or activity you don't want happening.

Doing all this will ensure you are ready to get started again next holiday period. - See Archiving School Holidays Procedure

You will then probably get a couple of weeks break before you'll be triggered to start the whole process again!!

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